Granderbilt Strikes Back!

GOSSIP GIRLOh, Granderbilt. You are my favorite non-main character on “Gossip Girl.” There, I said it. I hereby profess my undying love for him and his uncanny ability to make the Archibald plotlines interesting. I was so excited when I saw he was returning in this episode, and the Archibald invasion made for a really good, twisty-turny episode.

Great Things:

Tripp and Maureen Return- I love the guy they picked to play Tripp- he has a very young Jimmy Stewart vibe that is just wonderful to watch. Very few characters on this show are driven by integrity like he is, and I think Nate (who thinks he has more integrity than he actually does, always) will benefit from being around a guy like Tripp. Nate needs someone to look up to, and I think he and Tripp’s mentor/mentee relationship should defnitely continue. Nate taking the fall for the family was surprisingly affecting, and Maureen being revealed as the Big Bad was a brilliant twist. Maureen and Tripp are a great “Ghosts of Christmas Future” glimpse for Blair and Nate, and what they could have turned into if they hadn’t gotten out of that dead-end relationship that existed solely to please everyone but themselves, and it’s so nice to see Blair around the Archibalds without Stepford-ing out all over herself. Thank goodness for Chuck Bass, that’s all I can say.  For so many reasons– and on that note-

-Chuck’s Speech to Serena- Very, very touching, especially when my therapist-minded sister pointed out that Chuck was clearly talking about Nate (“Your friendship’s not just going to take care of itself!”). I think Chuck really does miss that kind of best friend relationship, and it hurts him to see Blair and Serena being so cavalier about throwing it all away.

-Brandeis- Heee! What a funny guest star. And that bag WAS amazing. I did so want a moment of her recognizing Chuck or something though. Come on, show, Chuck’s past is not coming back to haunt him nearly enough!

Not-So-Great Things:

-Vanessa getting shamed for nothing- Nate showed me once again that when he shames cast members and not guest stars, it annoys me. Sure, Vanessa was being plucky and getting into everything, but that is what Vanessa DOES. She and Nate’s relationship seemed a little weird and undefined to me as well- I would think they would be better friends after spending the whole summer together, why were things so tense?

-Bathroom Boy- I wanted the Jimmy Fallon story to be a million times more shocking (his shirt was inside out? *gasp!*), and once again Olivia acted shady and cagey to poor Dan. Okay, Hilary Duff, you’re charming and everything and have made this character more likable than she had any right to be, but that contract’s about to run out, right? I still kind of want something to happen with Dan and Vanessa, and them not to just be saddled with dopey guest stars.

-Blair Climbing Into a Depression Cave- I thought this was totally in character, but so sad when she was laying in Chuck’s bed just looking so tiny and sad in that giant robe. I feel bad for Chuck because she is putting an enormous amount of pressure on him to be the only good thing in her life when so many other things are also putting pressure on him. I do think their relationship should be a happy escape for both of them, but the real world goes on, epic love or not, and Blair has to face it and the consequences of her sometimes loony actions. But something I did love was how Leighton Meester acted the hell out of Blair’s speech about “Things are different! I’M different!” and I think it gave us enormous insight into why Blair is so fiercely protective of and then also self-sabotagingly destructive to her relationship with Chuck. NYU is proving not to be the great crusade she hoped, Serena is proving to not be as sparkly and perfect as Blair always thought she was, but Chuck is holding steady as the scariest, most real thing she’s ever really held in her hands. Blair hates reality, because it uniformly disappoints her. But the reality of Chuck is actually living up to the fantasy, and I think that almost scares her more.

I thought this episode did a great job of showing all the main foursome (Serena, Nate, Blair, and Chuck) clawing their way into adulthood, which is proving to be the big arc of this season, and I really dig it. What does it mean to grow up? How do you know when you’ve achieved it? What do you have to give up to have an adult life, and what things should you hold onto? Only time will tell…XOXO


Sunglasses Are So Sexy

glee12Glee was back with a vengeance! This episode was so much more light-hearted and fun than last week’s bleak offering, and it felt much more in the original spirit of the show. Breaking it down-

Things I Loved:

-Mr. Schuester is AWESOME- That should have just been the theme of the episode! That poor actor had like three musical numbers in the span of one episode, but he carried them off with aplomb! Just amazing. “Bust A Move” was hilarious, “Thong Song” was weirdly sexy, and him getting covered with slushie at the end was somehow heartwarming. Well done, sir. Well done.

-Sue Sylvester in a Zoot Suit- Total spit-take moment! Now this was just enough Sue to keep me happy! Her monologue about buying Will “a little kitty-cat” was hilarious. Great, great episode for this character, and she’s totally back on my fave list.

-Emma’s Back! And Singing!- I missed her so much when she was gone, and it was wonderful to have her return. I loved (needed!) that wedding dress she decided on, and her Julie Andrews moment was just wonderful. Who knew she could sing? Even though I still think it’s stupid she’s getting married at all, that scene almost made it all worth it.

-Puck- The Puck and Rachel pairing was totally unexpected and maybe a little too random, but so funny and brought out a lot of interesting things about both their characters that I forgave it. I loved her anointing his head in the guy’s bathroom- two little Jews trying to make their way in the world! And I loved them both pining on the bleachers- her for Finn, and him for Quinn. And was that a slightly lovestruck look I saw in Quinn’s eyes when Puck was singing “Sweet Caroline”? Interesting…

So, summing it up, there was nothing I absolutely hated, and a wonderful return to form for the show that weekly battles it out with “The Vampire Diaries” for the title of my favorite new show!

Speak Easy, and Carry a Big Stick

normal_292After the wonderful angstiness of the “All About Eve” episode, this fun episode feting Chuck’s Empire Hotel opening was a very nice foray into the kind of happy-go-lucky partying Gossip Girl does oh so well, with some nice emotional stuff as well. Let’s look closer:

Things I Loved:

*Nate and Serena’s ongoing feud making them talk like old movie stars- I loved, loved, loved the scene where Nate got out of the limo and he and Serena basically just traded one-liners. They’re not quite smart enough to be trading one-liners all the time, but this was priceless. I kept waiting for him to call her “doll” and her to call him “Archibald.” Their interaction is cracking me up this season, and Nate’s continuing “Endless Nights” obsession is priceless.

*Chuck and Blair bringing sexy back- I was so relieved they didn’t join the ranks of characters giving each other the silent treatment, and I thought Chuck did a remarkably mature job handling her mistake(s). Calling Jack? Cold, cold, cold– but I also don’t think that Blair knows the full extent of Jack’s crimes. Remember, she and Chuck weren’t speaking during that whole debacle, and I doubt that would make for very good pillow talk now. And this was the first episode that Chuck and Blair had that sexy kind of tension they maintained (exhaustively) for all of the season two. I adore them in a stable, loving relationship, but that kiss in the bar and them “taking off their costumes” metaphorically (don’t tease me if you’re not going to show it, Gossip Girl!) in Chuck’s suite was hotness. And I j’adored Blair’s flapper dress and crazy layered black necklaces– Chuck shows his impeccable taste, as always.

*”It is hard to love a powerful man.”- Dorota, it is NOT hard to love you.

*Evil Jenny- Now this is interesting! I kept waiting for Little J to get a plot, and this one fascinates me. It’s like she’s spent all her years at Constance vacillating between being a ray of sparkly sunshine like Serena or a cloud of dark vengeance like Blair, and neither really suits her just right. Who is Jenny Humphrey? Someone who dumps yogurt on her best friend? Or someone who pathetically pleads with him to still let her be his sister? I can’t wait to see more from this character, finally.

Things I Didn’t Love So Much:

*Blair and Serena’s feud- I understand it, but it still always makes me sad when they fight. And I don’t think Blair wanting her boyfriend’s opening to go smoothly was that unforgivable of a sin, but I always identify with Blair more than Serena, so even when she’s being slightly psychotic, I end up on her side. And also, Chuck (in Blair’s mind) picking Serena over her would of course be a major hot button to her. Chuck is the only guy (maybe only person) who honestly prefers Blair to Serena, and I think it makes total sense for her to be extremely possessive of a guy who would finally pick her as number one on his list.

*Patrick Roberts Not Being At All Hot- Like, come on. At least cast a Robert Pattinson look-a-like if you’re going to do a parody! He looked way too young and skeevy. Not good at all. They make poor Blake Lively kiss the skeeziest guest stars! And I really didn’t like Olivia lying about not ever dating him- like that seemed way more shady lady to me than anything Blair did in this episode. At least Blair’s crazy little heart was in the right place- I’m not sure about Olivia’s. I love my Danny, and while I think Hilary Duff is doing a good job, I’m not positive I love Olivia.

But overall– such a cool episode, fantastic costumes, fun music– a great old fashioned party! I’d go to Gimlet anytime– what a deliciously twisted, weirdo name for a club. Well done, Chuck Bass, as always! XOXO

Stop Holding On- To Terry

Now this was an exhausting hour of television. So much bad stuffrachfinn happened to the main characters that it almost felt like a chore to get through- I think they’ve got to balance the levity and drama a little better in the future– and they certainly have done so in the past. There were some good things– it’s just the first time that I’ve felt the bad outweighed the good on the show. Let’s examine:

Good Things:

“Keep Holding On”- Amazing performance. Best choreography so far too. Quinn got a little too breathy and over-acty at the end– but I’m getting to her. Rachel and Finn sang beautifully, and it warmed my heart to see the whole group together again, even if it was just a fantasy.

The Perm Joke Still Cracks Me Up- Sue’s odd fixation with Will’s hair kills me every time- picturing a man getting a perm is just priceless!

Quinn Angrily Back-Up Singing- This girl really annoyed me this episode, but angrily swaying while Rachel and Finn nearly made out on stage was hilarious.

Kurt Kicking His Legs Like a Little Showgirl During Mercedes’ Number- Spit-take funny. Give Kurt another episode, please!

The Group Jam Session- That they all got together just to sing was so freaking adorable. More of these! I get the feeling the actual cast does this a lot, and it’s just so fun. Plus I liked seeing Finn’s drumming skills again.

Bad Things:

Terry- Just kill this character off already! She’s dragging down the show SO much, and the whole ridiculous fake sonogram made me want to punch right in the (non-functioning) baby-maker. What. A. Bitch. Will crying and looking at the child he thought was his daughter was so heartbreakingly sad that it passed fun melodrama and just made me furious.

Erratic Writing- This was the first episode that I noticed the writing not working. The joke about Will and Sue’s voice over fighting flopped, and it wasn’t the only quip that fell flat (Sue calling Will a racist wasn’t all that funny either). Quinn’s character morphed back into a total jerk out of nowhere. I don’t know- nothing gelled quite right for me this week with the writing, but since we’ve had like six episodes that have knocked it out of the park and just one that didn’t, I’m not really worried.

Quinn. Can’t. Sing.- She is cute as a button, but this girl’s voice makes me want to scream just to drown her out. The “Keep Me Hanging On” number could have been so cute and funny, but that weird nasally high pitched shriek emitting from Quinn’s mouth totally killed it. And if you’re not going to sing well, at least lip synch to your own voice well. Sheesh.

“No Air”- Not especially well-sung by Finn, super-cheesy (the wind machine in the hallway was supposed to be funny but was just kind of embarrassing to watch), and definitely not up to the usual par of the show’s performances. My sister and I usually download every song they perform on the show, but before this episode we listened to the iTunes preview of this one, and were both just like “Ehhh…no thanks.” I think this largely had to do with the dumb idea of splitting the group, because Mercedes’ song was exceptionally well-sung but still fizzled out for me. They’re all a team. Put them back together, and keep it that way, please!

No Emma- Where was she? Where were her cute bow outfits? Come back, Emma!

Too Much Sue- Characters this villainous go down easiest in small doses, and this episode had way too much Sue. We can’t just have Sue and Terry doing diabolical things to nice, innocent people the whole hour. It’s exhausting as a viewer. This is the kind of show where there’s got to be light, hope…glee! More singing, less sadness, Mr. Murphy!

So overall, a rare misfire in what has been an exceptional freshman season. I’m sure wonderfulness is to come- let’s see it!

What A Tangled Web We Weave

101909-gossip-girl-400bThis was one of my favorite episodes of my favorite show, ever. From the old movie opening (“All About Eve” is one of my favorites, so I was instantly excited) to the tragic ending, this was Gossip Girl at its best. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Things I Loved:

Wicked Nate- Hooray! I finally care about a Nate plotline! Seeing the Vanderbilt villainy coming out in our young Archibald was so incredibly refreshing after three seasons of him pretending to be so wide-eyed and innocent. Please. With Granderbilt pulling the strings, Nate is a deliciously dangerous character because as we’ve seen, this boy can justify ANYTHING and is totally open to moral flexibility (cheating, whoring, etc etc). I’m also excited to see Nate’s plot heading towards politics– I really hope he keeps following this path, and I hope Tripp’s coming back soon. I adored Nate and Serena’s plot overall, and if they’re building up to SereNate happening later this season, I am so on board. But if (when?) they do get together, I want it to be dirty and messy and strange, and the exact opposite of what we expect from our Sunshine Twins.

Carter Having Some Serious Backbone- Very interesting choice to have Carter want to pay back his debts. Now that’s some real character growth from the slimy, manipulative Carter who dodges responsibility at all costs that we’ve seen before. I really hope this character’s not gone for good, and I don’t think he will be- there’s still a lot to explore with him, dating Serena or no.

Serena and Chuck Morphing Into the Same Beautiful Slutty Person- I loved that both Serena and Chuck got exploited for their sexiness this episode, Serena and her oddly long legs to P.J. and Chuck and his strangely soft lips to Josh Ellis (who was SMOKING hot– please oh please find some excuse for him to come back! Or, heck, have his own show!). I really hope Chuck and Serena’s friendship continues to grow this season. They’re definitely one of the most interesting sibling relationships I’ve ever seen, and I think neither of them would have had a problem selling out their sexiness if Nate and Blair had just let them in on the joke. And while I wept when Chuck wouldn’t let Blair in his apartment, I cheered at Serena’s ominous telling off of Nate- “No, you’re not sorry. But YOU WILL BE.” Eek!

Vanessa’s Horrible Mother- This was definitely the best Vanessa plot we’ve gotten yet. I’m so sick of people grousing about what a lame character they think she is- in the past, yes, Vanessa’s been annoying at times, but this was some really good stuff, and Jessica Szohr’s doing a great job this season. Loved her “All About Eve” dress too! And crying alone in the coffee shop after her mom ditched her? Honey, we’ve all cried in coffee shops freshman year. You’ll make it through this. And V’s mom really was just the Worst. Person. Ever. Solar panels on chicken coops, indeed. Yeesh. I don’t blame V for wanting the Humphreys as her parents. Especially Lily. Which brings me to-

Lily’s “Bitch, Please!” Face- She gave it awesomely to Olivia (who is strangely growing on me– the ‘Bu? Come on, that’s amazing), and even better to Blair. But at least Blair got a zinger in- “Where’d you learn how to give pep talks? Guatanamo?” Hee. I always love when Lily counsels Blair and Chuck on their crazy love- remember her “Don’t turn your back on the people who love you, Charles” speech? Too bad Chuck wasn’t really in the mood to tackle-hug Blair when she reappeared at his doorstep. Which brings me to the amazingness of-

Blair’s Comeuppance- I know everyone’s hating the Blair-Wants-to-Rule-NYU plot because it’s completely impossible to rule that big of a university, and while I agree that girlfriend, give it up and lose the super-lame minions and I am totally ready for Blair’s real epic plot to start this season, I do get the floundering-freshman thing. I felt totally lost and confused for most of my freshman year, and so did everyone in my dorm. College is hard. And the Blair in this episode was conversely the most sympathetic and monstrous we’ve seen her all season. Her tearful apology at the end? Totally broke my heart. Her chilling speech to Vanessa? Wowza. I thought she was going to start splitting her soul for Horcruxes. But total villainy to Vanessa aside, I really don’t think she set out to hurt Chuck at all, and I honestly think she considers their silly games no reflection on their actual relationship. We know Blair is extremely opportunistic, and it blinds her to the point that she does stupid, stupid things that Serena can laugh off and her mother, Nate, et al either sneered at or ignored. But this relationship with Chuck is a total first for Blair- someone sees her, loves her, watches her closely, is really in her corner and is totally her equal. By leaving Chuck out of the loop, she denigrated his position in her life, showed him no respect and broke his heart. And she knew she could make him do whatever she wanted- ouch. It reminded me of how sad it was when Chuck yelled at Dan “Nobody USES Chuck Bass!” because…everyone does, in one way or another. SO sad- but, as a good conflict should, it felt totally inevitable. Blair was going further and further into delusional crazy town with each passing episode, and Chuck was letting her because he loves her and sees her as the only good thing in his life. But I don’t think that’s true, and I’m proud of Chuck for not drunkenly hanging off buildings next week but instead going on with his life and opening his hotel. I do not think Chuck and Blair are over by any means, but I think this was the wake-up call Blair needed to realize how amazing the guy sleeping next to her really is. And I don’t blame Chuck for being angry at all- that was totally insulting to treat him like just another minion, and B’s going to have to do some serious work to show him what he really means to her. She was taking him for granted so far this season largely because he made it so easy and nothing else in her life was easy, but I really think that him shutting her out at the end of the episode was enough to make her really see the crazy, mean-spirited person she had become. I can’t wait to see the redemption of Blair Waldorf I hope is coming, and am very excited to see how this season’s Chuck and Blair angst plays out. I want Blair to really throw herself into schoolwork the way Chuck’s throwing himself into business, and then find their way back to each other along the way. For some reason, I think I smell mortal peril being the thing that brings them back into each other’s arms…but we shall see!

Really the only very minor things I didn’t like about this episode were the over-reliance on the Welcome Back, Kotter mug jokes (seriously, guys- just because Entertainment Weekly put Dan’s one good joke about them in their quotes of the week doesn’t mean you have to rehash it every episode) and Taylor Momsen’s increasingly bony frame. Yuck. Did you see the way she was eyeing Hilary Duff’s normal figure? When Olivia was eating breakfast with the Van der Bass Humphreys, I totally thought Jenny was going to be like “Maybe you should skip the whipped toppings, sweetie.” I mean, if she’s going to be a bitchy high schooler, let’s commit to it, show! Or you know, give her an actually cool plot again. Like fashion school? Please?

But all in all, best of the season so far and one of my all time favorites ever. I watched “All About Eve” again tonight, and I think it’s amazing that, in Blair’s weirdly spot-on dream world, Chuck wasn’t the lecherous, plotting critic Addison Dewitt but Margo’s (Blair’s) devoted, supportive husband. Seeing Chuck move out of the villain role on the show is oddly touching to me, and we know Blair’s subconscious speaks nothing but the truth, even when she can’t. I really hope this episode was the end of Blair’s ridiculous dreams of campus domination, and the beginning of a Blair arc where she’s fighting for things that really matter. I want her to remember she has a big brain and use it at school, and live up to the epic love she’s inspired in Chuck by awesomely winning him back. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next…XOXO.

Looks Like 7th Wedding’s the Charm!

gossip-girl_dlTotally a return to awesome Gossip Girl form this week! This episode had everything- intrigue, plotting, a Lily wedding, the fabulous VanDerBass-Humphrey family unit, Psycho!Georgina– it was just hitting on all cylinders. Let’s look at why:

Things I Loved:

*Georgina- Wow. This is the craziest we’ve seen her in awhile, and it was weirdly refreshing. Sneaking up on Vanessa to the sounds of tribal music? YES. Attacking Dan with her tongue? Of course she would. And she totally got one of the best lines of the episode to the hot dog guy- “What does it mean when someone who used to grab your ass doesn’t anymore? It means someone is a BIG FAT LIAR!!” I loved how the guy just had no reaction. You work in New York, you get used to the crazies, I suppose. And dropping the bomb on Rufus and Lily with no guilt was amazing. And a little thing, but I loved that she didn’t stand up when the wedding march started. Because she’s a monster. I do really hope she’s not gone for good, and I kind of hope that Vanya wasn’t lying at the end, and that he really is a prince. Surprise, Dorota!

*Rufus and Lily actually get married- Mostly to appease their adorable children, but oh well! It’s good to have the family unit locked down before all the mid-season craziness undoubtedly begins.

*Best Fashion of the Season- Blair and Serena’s wedding dresses were definitely the best Eric Daman contributions so far. And I loved Chuck’s wedding tux. Very Great Gatsby.

*Chuck and Carter’s Showdown- I love that they are both dramatic enough to really relish this little blood feud they’ve got going on. “I’m not scared of Chuck Bass.” “I’m getting tired of being your travel agent.” Amazing. And it looks like Chuck finally sees that he’s a decent guy, so I can’t wait to see what their interaction will be like now.

*Serena Always Breaking Up at Her Mother’s Wedding- No wonder she doesn’t want her mom to always be getting married. Every time she does, Serena is either the dumper or the dumpee. Poor girl. She’s like the Carrie Bradshow of this show, but Blair already got the Mr. Big. And was that some foreshadowing at the end of a Serena and Nate hook-up to come? Interesting… although it was so weird to see The Sunshine Twins brooding in corners. But I liked it. Brood away, Sunshine Twins. And apparently join high-stakes poker games together!

*Chuck Being the Best Boyfriend Ever- Waking Blair up with a kiss? Giving massages he learned from an Asian master? (What, were Chuck and Blair having an Asian-themed week? Because, that’s awesome.)  Leading her by the hand into the family drama she so craves? Giving her Chuck Bass-romance eyes during the wedding ceremony and kind of catching Blair off guard with how much he loves her? Singing to her while they danced? Gold star, Chuck Bass. Gold star.

*Eric and Jenny Giving the Worst Romantic Advice, Always- “This is the scene in the romantic comedy right before you chase her down in the rain and say ‘I can’t believe I’ve been so blind!’. Oh, Jenny. You were way off. But if that was setting up some Vanessa and Dan to come in this season, I am weirdly on board.

*Nate’s Amazing Shaming Talent- When it’s not directed at Blair or Vanessa or Jenny, it’s actually hilarious! His take-down of Bree was perfectly ice-cold and off-base- “How DARE you care about your family?”- and when he brooded in the corner with his Dracula hair and eyebrows, I was weirdly drawn into Nate’s plot. I like how Nate’s becoming the authority on vampires- correcting vampire lore to Blair, looking more and more like Count Chocula every episode- I kind of hope that becomes a Nate thing for the rest of the season.

*Lily and Rufus finding their son- Scott still can’t act worth a damn, but that scene was still totally heart-warming when Lily remembered she has a heart. And I loved Lily’s bitchery coming out- “This is a private event. What do you think you’re doing?” She and Serena are so good at coldly dismissing people!

Things I Didn’t Love So Much:

Blair vs. Bree over Dim Sun- While the Blair bitchery was hilarious (“Vampires don’t ride brooms, Blair.” “Well, leave it to Georgina to start a mutant strain.” Heee!) and incidentally right on the money, hating Nate’s girlfriend only reminded me of the horrendous Nate and Blair reunion debacle in Season Two. No, no, no. I think Blair really was just MamaBear-ing Nate, and Bree WAS being super annoying, but it just seemed hurtful to Chuck to play the vengeful ex in front of him. When Chuck was giving her the massage, I kind of wanted him to be like “You know, this is a beautiful…and deadly…art.” Put some fear back in her. And also, their little dim sun double-date made it seem like Blair is actually incapable of functioning socially around anyone who’s not in her inner circle. Kind of like at the college party, and Blair being a total social pariah I just don’t really buy. And it feels a little like Blair is taking Chuck’s awesomeness for granted, and I think something needs to wake her up and make her become as awesome as Chuck keeps telling us (and Blair) she is. I love Blair, she’s always been my favorite character, but I don’t want to keep just seeing her vacillate between crazily mean and totally useless. She and Chuck should be slowly taking over the world, come on! Although I did love her little smile at Dan when he complained about Georgina getting away with everything before she practically leaped into Chuck’s arms as they basked in the glow of their evil, loved-up plotting. Sly and love-struck are two of Blair’s best M.O.’s, and we should see more of that B.

*Taylor Momsen’s Raspy Growling Delivery- I never really noticed it before this season, but Taylor Momsen has a weird voice, and the way she’s playing Jenny this season just keeps getting more bizarre. Her scene with Lily seemed totally fake, although it did crack me up that, of all her millions of children, Lily really doesn’t like Jenny much- No hug for you, Jenny Humphrey! And Jenny’s weird “FannnTAHstic” line to Scott at the end seemed really self-aware and awkward. She almost made up for it all though by adorably spinning around the dance floor with her Papa at the end. And her hair does look really good long and flowy. Give her an interesting plot, and we’ll see, but so far, not so great, Little J.

Other than the weird double-date scene and Jenny not quite being as awesome as the rest of her blended family, this episode was one of the best of the season so far. Every plotline was interesting and interwoven, great drama seems to be lining up for the episodes to come, Chuck got an awesome haircut- what could be better? And did you see that promo for next week? Yowza! Can’t wait. I kind of hope Blair tells Serena about all her problems with Chuck, and Serena’s like “Oh, yeah? Well, I bet Nate in a poker game. And lost.”

Here’s hoping! XOXO

Glee Puts Forth an Unholy Union

glee-its-my-lifeSue and Will co-chairing Glee? Some say madness, I say genius! While this episode was a lot of set-up and not a lot of singing, it still had some of the best character development and writing the show has given us so far.

Things I Loved:

*Poor Sleepy Finn- I liked a show actually acknowledging how exhausting high school can be. And Finn seems more like an real high school guy than ever- obsessing with Rachel and her boobs, giving up homework but not video games, wanting to take a nap in the nurse’s office– he’s just a great character because he feels totally true to life.

*Sue’s Journal- So many amazing quotes, I don’t even know where to start. Please let this be a regular thing!

*The Competition- While they were both a little too manic to join the ranks of my favorite performances, “It’s My Life/Confessions” and “Halo/Walking on Sunshine” were a blast to watch, and even funnier knowing those kids were running on some Vitamin D-Congestant, courtesy of Terri. Finn and Kevin’s voices get better every time we hear them, and Rachel’s high note at the end was unbelievable.

*Emma and Terry’s showdown- “You don’t have a chance with my husband.” “I just think he deserves better than you.” Mee-ow! I can’t wait to see more from these two, because that one little scene was great.

*Will Finally Breaking Down- It was nice to see some cracks in his veneer- losing his patience with Terry in the break room, and that chilling “Every time I try to light a fire in my life” speech. Will just keeps getting beat down and beat down, and it was nice to see a reaction from him that wasn’t nice and shiny.

*”I don’t even remember performing.”- Finn totally gets the line of the week.

Things I Didn’t Love So Much:

*Emma getting engaged to Tanaka- I’m just not buying this. Better to be alone than engaged to a man in those shorts. And if the marriage isn’t going to change anything, why bother doing it? This was the only scene that read a little false to me.

Great, character-driven episode, and next week’s looks like a hum-dinger! Keep rocking out “Glee” kids- even if the NBC president won’t let you sing in the Macy’s parade.